You, of course, can contract your own models/actors however, any great photography studio rental will connect you with what you need. Even if you are unsure, a great studio will be able to guide you through that process in order to help your project run just as you envisioned it and most times, better.

Book your fully featured photo studio in Los Angeles. Apex Photo Studios provides ideal scenes from lofts to rooftops. Check us out today!

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Photoshoot sets and tools for rent


Staging equipment: Professional photostudios usually have plenty of beautiful, natural space however every shoot is unique. Photography studio rental will include options to transform any area you choose in order to get the look you are trying to achieve. With teamwork all things are possible. Creative hubs like nothing more than to help create! Equipment: A photo studio rental will provide access to high end production and photography equipment. Depending on your production goals, staging equipment, and lighting can be quite a hassle to organize, transport, or deal with therefore having your studio handle this aspect can be a huge relief.


If you are going to rent a photo studio, space options are awesome! Imagine seeing the look on you clients face when you say, “oh and now we’re going to head up to the rooftop and get some photos of Los Angeles California as our back ground”! Rooftop photos of Los Angeles CA as a backdrop or natural, outdoor lighting alone brings an entirely different element on what you can offer in your work and having an indoor/outdoor option just bumps you to that next level in production and professionalism.


If you are offering professional photography in Los Angeles you know, editing is 90% of your final product. When you rent a professional pic studio, they will be able to connect you with editing options; either professional editors &/or professional editing equipment.


When you rent a photo studio in Los Angeles, such as L.A.’s premier, indoor/outdoor photo and video studio, APEX photo studios, your experience automatically comes with a creative team. You may need space guidance, pricing options, equipment options, production assistance, staging &/or models/actors and you should expect that your studio rental will come with experienced professionals who are there to help you get the most out of our time and money. Having access to a creative team as part of the service, can be a great added benefit.

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