A picture is worth a thousand words, so it is imperative that you speak. Whether you are speaks well of you. There are several factors that work together to capture the perfect shoot. This includes the talent, artist, makeup, location, hairdresser and photographer. Proper photo or video shoot preparation is vital for having a successful video shoot that will create WOW images.

Here are some pointers in getting the best photos.


Location is the most important factor for a good photo. If you want a produced feel, choose a photo or video studio rental. While for a natural look close to real life, choose a location shot.

Good backdrop:

Have a simple backdrop that fills the entire camera frame. This will allow your photo to take the center stage. You can use simple curtains or plain bed sheet.


Another important factor for a good video shoot is proper lighting. Whether you are using natural lighting or artificial light, make sure it is bright enough to create good pictures. Remember, the light should be coming in front, not behind.


An experienced and skilled photographer is the key to an amazing video shoot. He or she should be able to blend imagination with other factors to create outstanding video shoots. Communicate with your photographer and provide all the necessary information. Once they understand your needs, they will be able to deliver better results.

Film sets and photo shoots require a village to accomplish successfully. Whether it’s the fashion industry, music or modeling, a good video shoot is imperative for career and business success. It offers you a complete platform, so that you can move your business forward among many of your competitors. A reliable video shoot rental company delivers online business solutions to make your visions come to life.

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Apex Photo Studios is one of the leading photography studios leveraging high-end photographic equipment which meets the requirements of the most demanding customers.  We have all the latest high-end digital photography equipment.  This makes it very easy for our customers because everything they need is available.  Our premium studios have elegant finishes, furnishings and amenities.  We continually renew and refresh our facilities and studio furniture.

Located in downtown Los Angeles we embrace the vibrance of the famous ‘Santee Alley’ and all of our neighborhood. A fast changing downtown has seen an explosion of creativity, and we are excited to a part of this movement, and strive to be the go-to for all photography, video and production needs. Whatever your project, large or small, speak to us and we can help make it happen.

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