As the demand for digital media content increases by all, so does quick and easy turn around, this is why we introduce to you our latest acquisition: The Tricaster 8000 Advanced edition. Apex green screen studio rental Los Angeles is one of the most affordable and state of the art spaces for all creative visions. A truly state of the art switcher by NewTek, the Tricaster 8000, located in our pre-lit fully sound proof green screen recording studio is capable of overlaying Virtual Sets and switching between up to 16 different cameras! Bringing you the high end production look for a fraction of the cost that other film studios in LA charge. Our system uses live virtual set presentations with enhanced LiveSet technology, real-time animated lens flares, and augmented reality elements, making it perfect for the following types of professional video content creation:
  • Corporate Videos
  • News Broadcasting
  • Instructional Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Live Conferences
  • Event Coverage
The options Apex green screen studio rental Los Angeles provides are truly endless and affordable at that! Available with 3 Black Magic Studio Production Cameras (4K) as well as a teleprompter and live view, the Tricaster  makes it easier than ever to deliver professional content to your specific audience. Apex staff are available to assist in your production with dp/camera operators, teleprompter assistants, sound engineers, make up artists, hair stylists, script supervisors, directors, writers and more. The following productions are all available and can be scaled based on your needs:
  • Live stream to multiple destinations, including presets for Facebook Live, Microsoft Azure, Twitch, and YouTube Live
  • Share media through multiple user accounts on the same social network
  • Export content to more online communities, including Imgur, LinkedIn,, and Vimeo

Contact us today at: [email protected] and let our new production studio be the canvas for your creative content!

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