Are you looking for a studio? It can be frustrating and difficult to find a good studio. There are numerous studios in the market, and choosing the best one that will leave a lasting impression on your clients due to the work you create there is crucial. Are you aware that some spaces are not giving you your money’s worth? This article will help you prevent that from occurring.  Read on to find out more on how to choose the best studio.

Looking for a Studio

Ensure that the studio is licensed.

Anyone with a garage, or an empty living room can offer a “studio” for rent but are they licensed? Are they insured in order to protect you from any type of catastrophe that might arise? Most importantly, do they know what it entails to organize a production from beginning to end?

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Read online reviews and get references.

Before picking a studio, ensure that you read what other professionals in the industry are saying about their experience at the Studio you are considering. You can also research the type of work being done at the Space and some of their high-end Clients that have used the space. Check their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages to see how well they interact with their clients. This will give you a clear picture of the relationship you can expect and the extent to which a studio will go in order to ensure the best production experience for you. Check our Yelp Page for some examples of positive reviews to look for.

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Research the type of equipment the Studio offers.

The ability to rent high-end professional equipment at affordable rates is very important. Prior to booking a studio, find out what type of gear they offer in order to ensure you’ll have everything for your production no matter how big or small it is. The peace of mind you receive by renting directly from the studio can not be overstated. It removes the need of having to rent a truck, make a stop at another location for equipment rental, and consequently having to return it. If you rent at Apex Photo Studios, everything is here when you arrive, and whenever your production is done it just gets checked in. No extra stops.

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Find out how long they have been providing rental spaces for.

Theoretically, a reputable studio should be around for a long time while the disreputable ones tend to fade away quickly. However, keep in mind that the spaces a studio offers are just as important as the knowledgeable staff. Before picking a studio ensure that you get in touch with a Studio Manager and ask them about the types of productions they have had at their studio.

Is their website user friendly?

Is the booking and payment process easy, fast and secure? Are you able to find up to date images of their studios, floor plans, and available equipment? Are their prices clearly shown without any hidden fees?


With the above information you will be able to choose the best studio for your needs. But to be sure that you are dealing with the right person just ensure that you follow the above information to get the best from your money.

Apex Photo Studios is one of the leading photography studios leveraging high-end photographic equipment which meets the requirements of the most demanding customers.  We have all the latest high-end digital photography equipment.  This makes it very easy for our customers because everything they need is available.  Our premium studios have elegant finishes, furnishings and amenities.  We continually renew and refresh our facilities and studio furniture.

Located in downtown Los Angeles we embrace the vibrance of the famous ‘Santee Alley’ and all of our neighborhood. A fast changing downtown has seen an explosion of creativity, and we are excited to a part of this movement, and strive to be the go-to for all photography, video and production needs. Whatever your project, large or small, speak to us and we can help make it happen.

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