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First and foremost: 

When searching for a photo studio model for your photo shoot, write down what you are looking for in a model and really, what you are trying to accomplish in your photo shoot or video shoot. It may seem basic but you would be surprised at how important this is. Writing it down will help you fine tune your thoughts and help you articulate exactly what you need when starting your search.


Find a photo studio. Wait. What? Yaaasss… Most people think that they have to go to an expensive Hollywood modeling agency to find what they are looking for. Oh contraire, all you have to do is get connected with an established photo studio who keeps track of the great models. They are a wonderful resource… for many different things actually. Get online, check a photo studio website or two, check out their Facebook page and see what people are saying. You never know, they may even have some other things you are looking for (a unique space or legit location, specialized lighting, idk that really expensive lens you are not quite ready to commit to ).

Look for a studio that is established yet on point with the latest and greatest trends. Look for a studio that still has that personal passion for creativity; they are always more helpful! Check out past pictures or videos to ensure they have already hosted shoots similar to what you would like to do. Some photo shoot studios offer a concierge, of sorts, service that can pretty much find you whatever you might need to maximize your efforts. No need to reinvent the wheel or chase your tail. A professional photo or video studio rental space will have plenty of past models on their rolodex and should be able to connect you with what you need at no added finder fee.

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Okay once you’ve found your dream studio and have connected with someone on their team, ask them how you can get connected. Chances are, if it’s a good studio and you also rent space for your shoot, the studio will have you come in for casting your photo studio model. If you wrote down what you needed and articulated that to your studio team, you will more than likely find your model in one meeting. On the contrary if you prefer to skip the casting and prefer portfolios or personal recommendations they instead may simply send you  several to consider. Collaborating with people who have already worked with those in that industry will always be more efficient that figuring it out on your own. If you find a place that loves creativity as much as you… you can spend more time focusing on what you love, love, love instead of the possibility of hassling around finding quality models. Time is money baby!

Lastly, keep in mind, photo studio models will always be more likely to take you seriously if you meet/shoot at a professional photographer studio. Whether you are looking to host a fashion shoot, create a rooftop video, need a studio with a sultry loft or an industrial chic vibe… the higher quality space the higher quality model.

At APEX Photo Studios, we believe in providing a high end, professional atmosphere with endless creative possibilities.


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