Apex Photo Studios Top 4 photography and videography trends of 2018/2019

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Apex Photo Studios believes that while the classic art of fashion and editorial photography will reign forever, the more recent need for visual content has top influencers setting a new standard. Influencing epicenters such as Los Angeles have proven to establish the importance of relativity, and of course, staying relevant even in a world of […]

Film and Video Production Space to Market Your Business

Film and Video Production Space

Daisy Lin – EastWestBank.com May 29, 2017 Behind the scenes at Apex Photo Studios for live stream, photography and video. “You have to be relevant these days. If you’re not seen, you’re not relevant,” says Bobak Kalhor, owner of Apex Photo Studios in Downtown Los Angeles, which rents studio space and equipment to photographers and […]

Lucy Active Wear at Apex Photo Studios.


“Believe you can and you are half way there” campaign for Lucy Active Wear was shot at Apex. Lucy Active wear (http://www.lucy.com) is an American clothing retailer with headquarters in California. All of Lucy’s clothing embody a positive attitude and a positive lifestyle. Lucy makes workout wear for individuals who love to move, and move […]

Tyrese Gibson shot at Apex Photo Studios.

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Photographer Ian Spanier joins us at Apex Photo Studio again with Tyrese Gibson! Ian is a famous photographer known for shooting with celebrities such as Steven Tyler, John Travolta, Morgan Freeman among many others. This time he shot the talented musician and actor Tyrese Gibson. Tyrese joined us two days before the premiere of his […]