New Photoshoot Themes Take over Studio C with our latest renovation!

Options are always a good thing, especially when it comes to photography. Finding a good studio with versatility while staying within budget is important to all productions no matter how big. This is why we have decided to take on one of our premium photo shoot studios and breathe in some cool new vibes. We introduce to you the new and renovated Studio C!

What is new? Studio C has now become one of the most versatile studios we have. With a total of 6 brand new photoshoot themes.

Including a brick, grass, metal, concrete, and two types of wood backdrops the creativity is all in your hands!

Urban and yet modern in a way, the metal backdrop offers a great versatility whether you are shooting an interview or a photoshoot. With lots of creative ways to light this backdrop, it will surely cater to some awesome photoshoot themes.

Feeling fresh and outdoorsy? We have a backdrop for you in Studio C. This high quality lush green grass backdrop will be here throughout the seasons and ready for you to use in your next project.

Equipped with the Motorized Ceiling Mounted Backdrop, this truly makes Studio C one of the most versatile Los Angeles Photo Studios.

Standard with Central AC, a make up station, free wifi, beautiful controlled natural light, wifi Sonos speaker system, and clothing rack this will surely be one of the most exciting photo shoot studios to work in here at Apex Photo Studios.

Perfect for controlled environment whether you still want natural light, or a dark atmosphere for controlled lighting set up. Studio C offers a bit of both.

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