Studio C starting at $25/hr 1000 sqft private studio (4-hour minimum). By far the best bang for your buck! Studio C is our most affordable and versatile space with a variety of different looks through all the different backgrounds and motorized seamless mount. Standard with Central Air Conditioning, high gloss concrete floors, make-up/mirror prep station, and 12 foot ceilings. Affordable Professional Photography Studio C Rental Photography Studio Rental Photography Studio Rental options available through Apex Photo Studios. You really should come by and take a look. Variety A popular studio for interviews, quick photo shoots, and anyone looking for variety within one space, Studio C is only $25/hr with. Highly demanded for both quick sessions and full day productions Studio C has 7 different backgrounds plus capability to ceiling mount seamless backdrops(not included). Standard with high gloss concrete floors and 12 ‘ ceilings, this 1,000 square foot space feels much bigger and provides you plenty of room to work in. If you are a professional photographer looking for quality photography studio at incredibly affordable prices, book Studio C today!




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