What is Red Hooks Lab?

Red Hooks Lab is a non-profit organization that offers “free, comprehensive, photography programming and career training for local teens and adults…”. Their mission is to “create centers that provide high-caliber photography arts education to teens and young adults, to materially advance their skills and access to job opportunities that can allow for long term-success…”. Apex recently hosted one of Red Hooks Lab’s photography programs for local teens, in our very own Studio D. Take a look below for some Behind The Scenes photos of the workshop, as well as a Q&A highlighting Red Hooks Lab’s experience working with Apex. 


Photo & BTS of the Workshop

Q&A with Red Hooks Labs

How long have you been doing these workshops and how frequently do you shoot at a photo studio?


We have been doing [them] since 2015. This was [the] first ‘studio day’ for this group of students. They didn’t have any studio experience before. 


How did your class at Apex Photo Studios go? 


The class went wonderfully well. We were greeted by friendly Apex staff and were able to enjoy the beautiful space for the student shoot. 


What are some things that stood out about your experience here?


First of all, we are truly grateful that Apex was able to donate some studio time for a good cause. The whole experience exceeded our expectations. This class enabled us to advance our student career skills and provided [us] with industry insights. 


Please include anything else you’d like us to potentially mention regarding why it is important to teach kids about photography and how you see your classes growing in the future?


We believe that it is very important to give the students an opportunity to understand and access the professional creative world and provide them with tools for success. Therefore, a ‘studio day’ in a real photography studio is an essential part of the program. We hope we can repeat it at Apex next semester again!


Where can we find more of your work?


Please visit Red Hook Labs website or Instagram to learn more about our educational and gallery programming. 


Website: https://redhooklabs.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/redhooklabs/


Thank you to Red Hooks Labs for coming into Apex, and also students Jyyel, Jason, Diana, Celeste, Azucena, Honey, Jasmine, Jyya, Jyyhan, and Leylani for creating wonderful photos in our space!

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