Camera equipment: Rent or invest?

Where are you in your photography career and most importantly, where are you headed? Do you do professional photography in Los Angeles? Is photography a hobby? Are you perhaps a recent Art or Production grad? Is your heart set on opening your own studio one day? Or are you simply in town for a contracted job? While each one of these scenarios may be quite unique… one size seems to fit all when it comes to whether or not you should buy & lug around your own equipment or simply rent some high end, highly reviewed equipment the next time you rent a photo studio in Los Angeles.

Studio A Wide Shot - cheap photo studio for rent in downtown

Let me be crystal clear. Rent. Rent. Rent; it’s such a no brainer!

Most photographers attest, choosing and being able to afford quality camera equipment is almost harder than learning the skill of photography or videography itself. Even if you’re lucky enough to score a decent camera.. then there’s all the different lens’s, flash, lighting, modifiers, staging… I mean, at this point you’d be a one person walking circus! Your best bet would be to check out online what the studio has for rent and then schedule a small amount time to either call or go in to the studio to get specifics. Read the reviews, hear feedback from the staff. Let them do the investing so you can concentrate on producing beautiful photos and a one of kind production!

Now that your heart is set…

on renting awesome camera and/or production equipment and I hate to burst your bubble but you now have to consider.. A. Do all photo studios in L.A. rent photography &/or videography equipment? And B. is it going to cost me an arm and a leg?? I know right? But hang on; there’s hope. First let me answer those important questions bluntly… A. No, most studios cannot offer it all. Wait, what? Yeah, google it and you’ll see. Grrr… And B. Yes, it could definitely cost an arm and a leg. Wait. Where’s the hope in this. Well simply said, there are a small amount of photostudios such as APEX that can definitely offer the best of both worlds. Wait. What?! Yay! APEX prides itself for being the Los Angeles California creative hub for all of your photography and production needs. What does this mean? Well, it means ample luxurious space and equipment for rent all at very cost effective price points. I know, seems to good to be true. Just read the reviews! Or better yet, give APEX Photo Studios a call or stop in!

Lastly, something to ask yourself

when choosing a rental photo studio in Los Angeles… Does my rental come with natural visual options? What does this mean? Well, are you renting a white box or… can there be more in this package deal? Once you’ve found a professional studio, like APEX, that has awesome equipment rental. What are you really getting in a space and therefore what type of equipment do you really need? At APEX Photo Studios for example, there are many different studios and entertaining settings, indoor and outdoor, most photography and videography professional realize they can be very selective on the type of equipment they really need. APEX also offers guidance to all when it comes to helping you get the most out of your time and production. Rent a studio that also has visual options. A sultry loft, lots of natural light in large studios, industrial chic, rooftop Boho, backdrop photos of Los Angeles and more. APEX Photo Studios.

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