Nickelodeon shoot full of cats & dogs at Apex Photography Studio!

There is no denying that everybody loves cats almost as much as their favorite childhood Cartoons and shows, therefore, there is no surprise that when Vendetta Studios reached out to us for a Nickelodeon video shoot in need of a Studio Space we were very excited to provide a very pet-friendly and professional setting for them and all of their feline talent.

Having our clients share their experience with us is always an important part of making sure we can improve, so for the first time ever we decided to go in-depth with our blog and receive  feedback from the producer Hallory Sindelar about their Nickelodeon’s production. Here are her responses to the questions we had:

We looked at a lot of photo studios for this shoot. Apex not only had the best variety of spaces and packages available, but they were the easiest to work with. They responded to e-mails right away, and made my life as a producer much easier.

We teamed up with Nicktoons to make a video celebrating the 25th anniversary of everyone’s favorite shows like Rocko’s Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, Spongebob Squarepants, and TMNT– with six cats and one dog.

The shoot went really well. Apex had all the lights we needed already on-site to rent, and really made an effort with a few last minutes need we had.

We used Studio A, which had huge floor to ceiling windows for that dope natural lighting, chair and a mirror for hair and make-up, and a white cyclorama in the corner. The space was big enough to accommodate our crew, equipment, cat-owners, and keep the cats and dog separated with minimal fights.

Cats are so in their own world. Once they’re over a scene, it’s over. We focused on making sure each scene was 100% prepped, and the cameras were already rolling before we placed the cat actors. Once they were in the scene, we let them dictate how the scene progressed. 

Apex Photo Studios was excited to be chosen as the  best Los Angeles Studio space for this project, and see a good turnout especially taking into account the ratio of cats and dogs to humans. You can see the final video which was shared by Nickelodeon on their facebook page and other social media.

Vendetta Studios produced this video with Tongal and Nickelodeon for the Nicktoons 25th Anniversary. Producers: Hallory Sindelar, Garrett Thompson Director: David Lehre

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