Discovering a great Los Angeles video studio rental space for productions in a centralized and easy to find location of Los Angeles can be very difficult. However, once found it can have a lot of great benefits. This blog will mention a few of the important things to look for when searching for a Studio for your Video Production.

The location of a Studio dictates many aspects of the production. Logistically speaking it defines the ease of access when it comes to load-in and load out for equipment, parking availability for crew and talent, as well as the convenience of travel from airports, bus or trains stations, and hotels. The other important consideration is the views of course! Whether you are looking for a busy and lively cityscape through the floor to ceiling windows, an easy to control studio with black-out capabilities, or an outward suburbs view in a concrete loft, we have all the looks available. As a Studio located in Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles, we can be of great help and provide you will all of the information you need in order to make your production run smoothly from before you arrive to after you are done. Here is an example of a high-production-value commercial for SEARS, shot throughout a few of our great spaces. All done with an affordable budget in mind.

Studio A

Studio D

Rooftop A

The Loft

From sound equipment to lighting and grip, a good studio should be able to provide you with anything you need in order to produce a video, as well as having anything else you might have forgotten to bring or overlooked. Los Angeles video equipment rentals can be a hassle for any production. That is why we carry professional Grip, Ligthing and Video equipment from, Matthews, ARRI, Kino Flo, Kessler, and many more! We have experience with anything from product commercial videos to fitness, music, short film, and even green-screen recordings for theme park rides! Did you also know that in addition to Apex Photo Studios’ multiple studios, rooftops, and loft, we also have a fully sound-proof recording studio?


With the way today’s productions are heading towards lower budgets and slimming down from crew, to equipment and post production it is important to be able to find a space which is not only affordable but also versatile and professional. The lasting impression you make on your client is very important, and we are here to ensure that your video production is at its best on the day you come in. With Over 30,000sq/ft of studio space, a loft, fully sound proof recording studio, two rooftops and a variety of different looks all across our studio spaces you will be sure to find a fitting setting for your next video production at Apex Photo Studios!

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