Get connected with a professional studio. This is probably the most crucial tip.

Once you are connected to an affordable pro photo and video studio such as APEX Photo Studios, you can advertise your services accordingly. Clients are looking to you, as the professional, on where to go. What better way to put your best foot forward than to advertise your connection to a professional studio and all the possibilities within.

It sounds like a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how many photographers/ videographers overlook this gem. Music videos were once thought of as being primarily exclusive to musicians/ groups who had already ‘made it’. Today however, up and coming musicians are opting to self-promote through photo studio / roof top videography to showcase their talents. With the introduction of cost-effective rental space and equipment, such as in APEX, professional camera & video producers are now able to provide what was once only offered to the rich and famous.

Advertise your services to local musicians, artists.

Build your clientele and showcase your diversity.

Whether you are offering services to clients such as dancers, fitness professionals, fashion designers or more. Having a diverse portfolio is key. Finding affordable spaces for you to get that diversity in such as those dedicated to videography, photography and/or upscale events such as lofts roof tops in Los Angeles can be tricky. Since there is variety of well thought out space and professional grade equipment at APEX Photo Studios, videographers and photographers can provide an extremely diverse service therefore increase their own portfolio. Unique spaces, state of the art lighting and a professional team of creative professionals can help you take your, and your clients, business/passion to that next level.

One of the most expensive things to consider when planning a wedding is videography/ photography. Imagine if you could promote yourself as one of the most affordable wedding photographers in Los Angeles AND offer the luxury of air conditioning in their shoot space or recording studio!? I can almost hear the angels signing now. “Wait, what? I can have the wedding day or rehearsal dinner video message to my soon-to-be spouse done in a professional studio?! You mean I don’t have to put up with unpredictable weather, heat or bugs to and have some or all of my wedding photos done in a controlled, amazing environments with lots of settings & choices?! Okay!” Want to kick your business off right? Word of mouth promotion is golden. Don’t be another boring wedding photographer/ videographer. Let your creativity bloom in an atmosphere that is dripping with possibility.

Don’t’ be another cliché wedding photographer/ videographer… having options will by far set you apart!

Studio F Couch next to Window - photo studios for rent in Downtown

Lastly, and as a nice little BONUS tip: (and mind you, this is only as boring as you make it…) Diversify your services and make the $$$. Reach out to local businesses with cost effective advertising solutions.

Whether that good’ol American business knows it or not, boy do they absolutely need your help and that amazing photo studio photography and/or videography to promote their businesses, services and/or products. Whether they are filming for inter-office training, shooting a commercial, or simply showcasing their team… Finding and booking an affordable video and photo studio in Los Angeles, CA on their behalf, such as APEX, is one more reason they would choose you to be a part of their marketing team. Just as in investments, diversify-diversify-diversify… your portfolio when launching your videography and photography business today!

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