LA Photography Studio Gets New High-End Furniture

Apex is the LA photography studio with Premium Studios which has upgraded to Premium furniture.  With the expansion of our downtown LA Photography studio and introduction to (Studios E and F) we are also expanding our available studio furniture while maintaining the high fashion sense towards every piece that will most likely end up in a variety of video and photoshoot themes.  No more Ikea Sofas and stools, everything chosen to go along with our pristine studios has been delivered courtesy of

see our los angeles studios beautiful furniture

Whether you are looking for modern and mid-century modern furniture designs we have the best furniture for your next production.

Exquisitely tailored mid-century modern bar stools, sleek Italian sofas and sturdy brushed aluminum tables. The new furniture at our studios is undoubtedly something to marvel at and use as a piece for your models to interact with and pose on. You may find the new furniture in either one of our new Studio E or Studio F.

Come enjoy the high-end furniture now available at Apex Photo Studios.

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