Hollywood photo studio shoot with Pamela Anderson at Apex Photo Studios

The Canadian-American actress Pamela Anderson recently stopped by to do a photo shoot for the clothing company MISSGUIDED. Feel free to check out their website for all of the styles you see so well worn by Pamela.
As a premiere Downtown Photography Studio we pride ourselves in accommodating aspiring photographers, cinematographers and models as well as fulfilling the needs of professional clients. Prior to the shoot we organized a prep day to build the custom pink backdrop accented by sparkling “PAMELA” letters. The images turned out great.


At Apex Photo Studios, the photo shoot for Pamela involved a money gun loaded with custom “Pamela Cash”, body-tight swim suits, high heels, and tons upon tons of glitter. Everything went smoothly, and as you can see the images turned out to be gorgeous. The entire photo shoot was done in our West-Facing Studio A. The photographer definitely utilized the studio to the fullest-using both natural light, as well as our Profoto Pro Heads and 7a pack. Some of the shots were taken on our Cyclorama, and some were done using our wide selection of available Seamless Colored Paper Backdrops.

It’s always exciting to see such fun and creative uses for our studios, whether it’s by established artists and famous celebrities or up and coming talent. If you have ever thought about utilizing a professional photography studio, now is the time. Stop by our website at Apex Photo Studios today and check out all of our other amazing studios.

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