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As you might know, aside from providing awesome space for your creative needs, Apex Photo Studios also provides production services. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Prestige Men’s Wear. Our client was in need of new and fresh lifestyle and e-commerce images for their new website.

Our process includes a pre-production meeting where we gain an understanding of our clients’ business and needs. Then, we set a date for the casting at our studios.

After closely working with our client during the casting, we selected the models that best fit the desired look and our customer’s preferences.

For this scale of production (450 items), we decided to use our Apex LOFT with plenty of options for lifestyle shoot, as well as enough room to accommodate an e-commerce set. The 7,300sq/ft loft was perfect.

To create the style and feel of what our client had in mind, we chose and built four set ups that we though would best represent their brand.

The bar to created a laid-back,sophisticated feel.

The Lounge highlighted a classy nightlife environment.

The pool table for fun activities with friends.

And last, but not least, our Rooftop B with a gorgeous view of the downtown LA skyline.

We spent a full production day on capturing the product. Our Apex Studio Photographers worked simultaneously with getting both, the lifestyle and e-commerce looks for the clothing brand.

For our post-production process, we worked closely with our client on the specific editing to created the finishined product.

Here is a quick behind the scenes clip to give you a better idea of our space and production.

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