Selena Gomez x Dazed Magazine

Selena Gomez was recently in the studio for Dazed Magazine's Spring 2020 Issue.

The shoot took place in Studio A, Studio B, and Rooftop A. Throughout the spread Selena can be seen rocking large pink Disney gloves and posing with a Barbie doll head in her mouth. She can also be seen photographer in a fountain of pennies that was built within the studio. Follow the link below to read Selena’s spread in Dazed, which features an in-depth Q&A. Some topics include Selena’s take on her Latin identity, her involvement with immigration activism, and her favorite karaoke song.

Click Here to Read the Cover Story

January Photo Features

Jonathan Van Ness in the Studio

Jonathan from Netflix’s Queer Eye, recently came into the studio to shoot a fun fitness video with FitOn. The shoot took place in Studio D. You can view the full video through the FitOn app which is available for free in the app store. 

Studio D is the perfect studio for fitness, e-commerce, and lifestyle photo shoots. As one of Apex’s most popular studios, it is known for its incredible sunrise light, large floor to ceiling windows, and its urban East LA views.

Thank you FitOn for another awesome shoot! If you’re interested in seeing more content from the shoot, follow the links below for additional Behind The Scenes footage. 

JVN Video 1

JVN Video 2

JVN Video 3

December Photo Features

November Photo Features

Each month Apex will be showcasing a collection of photos from all of the wonderful shoots that happened at our studios throughout the month. This will include final photos from shoots, as well as fun behind the scenes photos from crew. We love all the creativity that happens at Apex, and we want to share it with our community. Check out photos from our November shoots below, and vote for your favorite image! Starting in 2020, the top photo with the most likes will get a special prize!

Red Hooks Lab Workshop at Apex

Beautiful black and white portrait taken at the studio for rent in downtown area.

What is Red Hooks Lab?

Red Hooks Lab is a non-profit organization that offers “free, comprehensive, photography programming and career training for local teens and adults…”. Their mission is to “create centers that provide high-caliber photography arts education to teens and young adults, to materially advance their skills and access to job opportunities that can allow for long term-success…”. Apex recently hosted one of Red Hooks Lab’s photography programs for local teens, in our very own Studio D. Take a look below for some Behind The Scenes photos of the workshop, as well as a Q&A highlighting Red Hooks Lab’s experience working with Apex. 


Photo & BTS of the Workshop

Q&A with Red Hooks Labs

How long have you been doing these workshops and how frequently do you shoot at a photo studio?


We have been doing [them] since 2015. This was [the] first ‘studio day’ for this group of students. They didn’t have any studio experience before. 


How did your class at Apex Photo Studios go? 


The class went wonderfully well. We were greeted by friendly Apex staff and were able to enjoy the beautiful space for the student shoot. 


What are some things that stood out about your experience here?


First of all, we are truly grateful that Apex was able to donate some studio time for a good cause. The whole experience exceeded our expectations. This class enabled us to advance our student career skills and provided [us] with industry insights. 


Please include anything else you’d like us to potentially mention regarding why it is important to teach kids about photography and how you see your classes growing in the future?


We believe that it is very important to give the students an opportunity to understand and access the professional creative world and provide them with tools for success. Therefore, a ‘studio day’ in a real photography studio is an essential part of the program. We hope we can repeat it at Apex next semester again!


Where can we find more of your work?


Please visit Red Hook Labs website or Instagram to learn more about our educational and gallery programming. 





Thank you to Red Hooks Labs for coming into Apex, and also students Jyyel, Jason, Diana, Celeste, Azucena, Honey, Jasmine, Jyya, Jyyhan, and Leylani for creating wonderful photos in our space!

Apex Gives Back

Blog Banner of Apex Photo Studios

Apex Announces a New Monthly Giveaway

Here at Apex, we value all of the creatives that choose to work in our space. We love to celebrate the creative community, and we want to do something each month to express our gratitude. Starting now, each month we will be giving free studio time for a session up to 6 hours, with up to $200 worth of rented equipment. See below for more details on how to apply in the giveaway each month.

Photography rental studio from Apex Photo Studios located in Los Angeles near the Downtown area.

Giveaway Rules

To enter into the giveaway each month, you must:

-Follow us on Instagram & Like our page on Facebook

-Post a photo from your shoot and tag us on Instagram

-Post a story from your shoot and tag us on Instagram

Please send us a message whenever you’ve completed all of the steps. A winner will be chosen at the end of the month. Thank you for choosing Apex, and good luck!


Beverly Hills Luxury Magazine – Luxury at Apex

Beverly Hills Lifestyle - Beverly Hills Luxury Magazine taken at Apex Photo Studios

It’s no surprise that a lot of magazines choose to shoot at Apex Photo Studios.

Most recently, Beverly Hills Luxury Magazine shot actor and male model Gregory Zarian for a campaign for their men’s section. The shoot was held in Studio E. The crew made use of both the white cycloroma and the natural light coming from our floor to ceiling windows. Here is a BTS video of the crew hard at work, having fun, and enjoying their time at Apex. 

Los Angeles based video production – Top 5 ways you can launch your business today

Affordable photo studio rental in Downtown, LA

Get connected with a professional studio. This is probably the most crucial tip.

Once you are connected to an affordable pro photo and video studio such as APEX Photo Studios, you can advertise your services accordingly. Clients are looking to you, as the professional, on where to go. What better way to put your best foot forward than to advertise your connection to a professional studio and all the possibilities within.

It sounds like a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how many photographers/ videographers overlook this gem. Music videos were once thought of as being primarily exclusive to musicians/ groups who had already ‘made it’. Today however, up and coming musicians are opting to self-promote through photo studio / roof top videography to showcase their talents. With the introduction of cost-effective rental space and equipment, such as in APEX, professional camera & video producers are now able to provide what was once only offered to the rich and famous.

Advertise your services to local musicians, artists.

Build your clientele and showcase your diversity.

Whether you are offering services to clients such as dancers, fitness professionals, fashion designers or more. Having a diverse portfolio is key. Finding affordable spaces for you to get that diversity in such as those dedicated to videography, photography and/or upscale events such as lofts roof tops in Los Angeles can be tricky. Since there is variety of well thought out space and professional grade equipment at APEX Photo Studios, videographers and photographers can provide an extremely diverse service therefore increase their own portfolio. Unique spaces, state of the art lighting and a professional team of creative professionals can help you take your, and your clients, business/passion to that next level.

One of the most expensive things to consider when planning a wedding is videography/ photography. Imagine if you could promote yourself as one of the most affordable wedding photographers in Los Angeles AND offer the luxury of air conditioning in their shoot space or recording studio!? I can almost hear the angels signing now. “Wait, what? I can have the wedding day or rehearsal dinner video message to my soon-to-be spouse done in a professional studio?! You mean I don’t have to put up with unpredictable weather, heat or bugs to and have some or all of my wedding photos done in a controlled, amazing environments with lots of settings & choices?! Okay!” Want to kick your business off right? Word of mouth promotion is golden. Don’t be another boring wedding photographer/ videographer. Let your creativity bloom in an atmosphere that is dripping with possibility.

Don’t’ be another cliché wedding photographer/ videographer… having options will by far set you apart!

Studio F Couch next to Window - photo studios for rent in Downtown

Lastly, and as a nice little BONUS tip: (and mind you, this is only as boring as you make it…) Diversify your services and make the $$$. Reach out to local businesses with cost effective advertising solutions.

Whether that good’ol American business knows it or not, boy do they absolutely need your help and that amazing photo studio photography and/or videography to promote their businesses, services and/or products. Whether they are filming for inter-office training, shooting a commercial, or simply showcasing their team… Finding and booking an affordable video and photo studio in Los Angeles, CA on their behalf, such as APEX, is one more reason they would choose you to be a part of their marketing team. Just as in investments, diversify-diversify-diversify… your portfolio when launching your videography and photography business today!

Professional Photography Studio, Merchandising and Brand Photography and Videography

Picture perfect smiles of 2 beautiful gals

Setting yourself or your product apart from the rest can seem a overwhelmingly daunting task yet all arrows still point to the fact that if you have the right marketing plan to include professional imagery your product will absolutely be taken seriously, especially in this digital day and age. Advertising, branding and marketing are definitely not a new phenomenon yet some entrepreneurs still underestimate their power. Why? Do they think their product isn’t worth that investment of a professional photos in a professional pic studio? Do they think their business doesn’t need it? Do they think it’s too expensive to rent a photo studio in Los Angeles to showcase their passion in a professionally artistic way? Whatever the reasons are, the fact is businesses/people who invest in a rental photo studio and professionally showcase themselves or their products have undeniably captivated consumers around the world. A phenomenon that has been proven for example in our very own City of Angels, Los Angeles California, L.A. CA, the infamous La la land, home of the Hollywood Stars, where the importance of modern day imagery might have arguably been all started.

Apex Photo Studios rents premium studios, rooftops, and lofts in LA


With the majority of consumers now switching to online research, entertainment and purchasing there is no greater opportunity than now to connect with a professional photography/ videography studio rental to showcase what you are introducing into the universe. With the desire for authenticity at an all time high, today’s savvy entrepreneurs are secretly seeking a more unique and artistic perspective to captivate mass audiences. Professional photo studios and equipment are distinctly setting people, businesses and products apart.


Like it or not, today businesses and people alike are given a one swipe chance to prove how valuable they are. While word of mouth referencing is still a notable driving force, professional visual representation has taken an amazingly important role in the success of modern merchandising and eCommerce. Professional camera men and women, professional image editors, stylist and models are in extreme high demand and make up the new team of brand ambassadors. As introduction of film once did, photography and videography create a dreamlike emotion for consumers and fans. Modern advertising and marketing invites us to be apart of a branded reality. Understanding this will set your fashion line, your passion, your product, your podcast, yourself… apart from the rest. Rent a photo studio today from APEX Photo Studios.


Come see what we can do for you!