eCommerce Photography Best Practices & More​

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eCommerce Photography Best Practices & More eCommerce Photography for businesses and brands Over the years Apex Photo Studios has provided studio spaces to the best of the best in the Photography, Video, Entertainment, and Fitness industries.  But did you know that Apex also provides in-house photography and video production services, event spaces, and more!? […]

The Apex Community January Photoshoot Giveaway Winner

Flexible Woman Photoshoot at Apex Photo Studio in Los Angeles

We started a monthly giveaway in 2020 to give back to the Apex community. Alex Afzali won our January Giveaway and was rewarded with rental equipment and photo shoot time in Studio B. Check out a Q&A and photos from Alex’s shoot below! Q&A with @alexafzali What is your background (brief history, things you’ve done […]

Featured Photos from Our February Photoshoot

Girls Doing Yoga Pose for Pictorial in Apex Photo Studios

Although February was a shorter month, it was by no means short of creativity! We are grateful for all of the photo shoots that came into the studio this month, and are excited for what is to come in March. @dazed @flytouchstudio @flanneryunderwood @devala_apparel @husseinbazaza @jaclyn_winters @itskga @lani_szimhart @dazed @itskga @lonnie_alex_ @fitlifeproductions @flytouchstudio @lifewithbianca_ @mazzant […]

Selena Gomez In The Studio for Dazed Magazine Photoshoot

Selena Gomez was recently in the studio for Dazed Magazine’s Spring 2020 Issue. The photo shoot took place in Studio A, Studio B, and Rooftop A. Throughout the spread Selena can be seen rocking large pink Disney gloves and posing with a Barbie doll head in her mouth. She can also be seen photographer in a fountain of […]

Featured Photos from Our January Photoshoot

Women posing with 2020 balloon in LA photo studio, Apex

January was a busy and creative month at Apex. Check out some photos and BTS from all of the shoots that happened this month at our photography studio in Los Angeles. Remember to tag us on Instagram if you want to be featured on our blog for February! @alexafzali @wonderland @mordding @bethanykarlyn @schonmagazine @bongikopolo @ashleebaggs […]

Apex Photo Studios – PSA

Job Notice/Internship: Warning! Please note that Apex does not contact clients with job offers. Please take notice we at Apex Photo Studios have received reports of fraudsters impersonating Apex with a scam targeting young photographers and students.  We at Apex Photo Studios take pride in our long standing relationship with the artistic community and our […]

Jonathan Van Ness In The Studio Fitness Video Shoot

Smiling Guy with Shiny Hair - Jonathan Van Ness during the photoshoot at Apex Photo Studios in LA

Jonathan from Netflix’s Queer Eye, recently came into the studio to shoot a fun fitness video with FitOn. The shoot took place in Studio D. You can view the full video through the FitOn app which is available for free in the app store.  View the video here Studio D is the perfect studio for […]

Featured Photos from Our December Photoshoot

Check out some of the great photos and behind the scenes content shot at Apex Photo Studios in December.  Make sure to tag us on Instagram if you’d like for your photos to be featured next month. As always, thank you to everyone who chooses to create at Apex Photo Studios! @flytouchstudio @cylsoangeles @jaclyn_winters @maddytib @bentsuiphotos @cylsoangeles […]

November Photo Features

Affordable Photo Studio Rental in Los Angeles - Girl and Boy Photoshoot

Each month Apex will be showcasing a collection of photos from all of the wonderful shoots that happened at our studios throughout the month. This will include final photos from shoots, as well as fun behind the scenes photos from crew. We love all the creativity that happens at Apex, and we want to share […]

Red Hooks Lab Workshop at Apex

Beautiful black and white portrait taken at the studio for rent in downtown area.

What is Red Hooks Lab? Red Hooks Lab is a non-profit organization that offers “free, comprehensive, photography programming and career training for local teens and adults…”. Their mission is to “create centers that provide high-caliber photography arts education to teens and young adults, to materially advance their skills and access to job opportunities that can allow […]