APEX Photo Studios photography lighting rentals Los Angeles

APEX Photo Studios photography lighting rentals Los Angeles

The ability to manipulate light in a photo studio is essential as it can transform a space, a person, or a product to a place in which photography can create the unimaginable in our eyes. Similarly, to a painter’s brush stroke, the art of illumination in a photograph can alter a photo in a way in which it then becomes an experience rather than simply a moment. With proper lighting a simple photo becomes a feeling and therefore an emotion, a connection. For a creator, a photographer or videographer, lighting is the key to a spectacular shoot. With that being said, choosing the right photography studio in California, or more specifically the right photography studio in Los Angeles, that can provide affordable high-end photography lighting rentals is key to your next Los Angeles photo or video shoot. At APEX Photo Studios, creating captivating depths through lighting and subtly expressing the vibrancy and beauty of color through lighting is our specialty.

Whether you are inciting inspiration, capturing the exquisite curvature of the human body or looking to express the intensity in a moment of history, lighting techniques along with the correct equipment can help you the story you have been longing to tell.

Unsure on what lighting you will need while mastering your photos in Los Angeles? Ask an APEX Photo Studios team member. Photography rental specialists can help guide you through the equipment necessary to achieve the look you desire. Whether you are providing head shots, filming a music video or have been hired to shoot at one of APEX’s next fashion release parties, L.A.’s hottest downtown photo studios APEX Photo Studios is fully equipped with all of your professional photography studio needs. APEX Photo Studio takes pride in making high end lighting and other photography equipment affordable and accessible at it’s creative hub located in DTLA.

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