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Beverly Hills Lifestyle - Beverly Hills Luxury Magazine taken at Apex Photo Studios

It’s no surprise that a lot of magazines choose to shoot at Apex Photo Studios.

Most recently, Beverly Hills Luxury Magazine shot actor and male model Gregory Zarian for a campaign for their men’s section. The shoot was held in Studio E. The crew made use of both the white cycloroma and the natural light coming from our floor to ceiling windows. Here is a BTS video of the crew hard at work, having fun, and enjoying their time at Apex. 

Los Angeles based video production – Top 5 ways you can launch your business today

Affordable photo studio rental in Downtown, LA

Get connected with a professional studio. This is probably the most crucial tip.

Once you are connected to an affordable pro photo and video studio such as APEX Photo Studios, you can advertise your services accordingly. Clients are looking to you, as the professional, on where to go. What better way to put your best foot forward than to advertise your connection to a professional studio and all the possibilities within.

It sounds like a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how many photographers/ videographers overlook this gem. Music videos were once thought of as being primarily exclusive to musicians/ groups who had already ‘made it’. Today however, up and coming musicians are opting to self-promote through photo studio / roof top videography to showcase their talents. With the introduction of cost-effective rental space and equipment, such as in APEX, professional camera & video producers are now able to provide what was once only offered to the rich and famous.

Advertise your services to local musicians, artists.

Build your clientele and showcase your diversity.

Whether you are offering services to clients such as dancers, fitness professionals, fashion designers or more. Having a diverse portfolio is key. Finding affordable spaces for you to get that diversity in such as those dedicated to videography, photography and/or upscale events such as lofts roof tops in Los Angeles can be tricky. Since there is variety of well thought out space and professional grade equipment at APEX Photo Studios, videographers and photographers can provide an extremely diverse service therefore increase their own portfolio. Unique spaces, state of the art lighting and a professional team of creative professionals can help you take your, and your clients, business/passion to that next level.

One of the most expensive things to consider when planning a wedding is videography/ photography. Imagine if you could promote yourself as one of the most affordable wedding photographers in Los Angeles AND offer the luxury of air conditioning in their shoot space or recording studio!? I can almost hear the angels signing now. “Wait, what? I can have the wedding day or rehearsal dinner video message to my soon-to-be spouse done in a professional studio?! You mean I don’t have to put up with unpredictable weather, heat or bugs to and have some or all of my wedding photos done in a controlled, amazing environments with lots of settings & choices?! Okay!” Want to kick your business off right? Word of mouth promotion is golden. Don’t be another boring wedding photographer/ videographer. Let your creativity bloom in an atmosphere that is dripping with possibility.

Don’t’ be another cliché wedding photographer/ videographer… having options will by far set you apart!

Studio F Couch next to Window - photo studios for rent in Downtown

Lastly, and as a nice little BONUS tip: (and mind you, this is only as boring as you make it…) Diversify your services and make the $$$. Reach out to local businesses with cost effective advertising solutions.

Whether that good’ol American business knows it or not, boy do they absolutely need your help and that amazing photo studio photography and/or videography to promote their businesses, services and/or products. Whether they are filming for inter-office training, shooting a commercial, or simply showcasing their team… Finding and booking an affordable video and photo studio in Los Angeles, CA on their behalf, such as APEX, is one more reason they would choose you to be a part of their marketing team. Just as in investments, diversify-diversify-diversify… your portfolio when launching your videography and photography business today!

Professional Photography Studio, Merchandising and Brand Photography and Videography

Picture perfect smiles of 2 beautiful gals

Setting yourself or your product apart from the rest can seem a overwhelmingly daunting task yet all arrows still point to the fact that if you have the right marketing plan to include professional imagery your product will absolutely be taken seriously, especially in this digital day and age. Advertising, branding and marketing are definitely not a new phenomenon yet some entrepreneurs still underestimate their power. Why? Do they think their product isn’t worth that investment of a professional photos in a professional pic studio? Do they think their business doesn’t need it? Do they think it’s too expensive to rent a photo studio in Los Angeles to showcase their passion in a professionally artistic way? Whatever the reasons are, the fact is businesses/people who invest in a rental photo studio and professionally showcase themselves or their products have undeniably captivated consumers around the world. A phenomenon that has been proven for example in our very own City of Angels, Los Angeles California, L.A. CA, the infamous La la land, home of the Hollywood Stars, where the importance of modern day imagery might have arguably been all started.

Apex Photo Studios rents premium studios, rooftops, and lofts in LA


With the majority of consumers now switching to online research, entertainment and purchasing there is no greater opportunity than now to connect with a professional photography/ videography studio rental to showcase what you are introducing into the universe. With the desire for authenticity at an all time high, today’s savvy entrepreneurs are secretly seeking a more unique and artistic perspective to captivate mass audiences. Professional photo studios and equipment are distinctly setting people, businesses and products apart.


Like it or not, today businesses and people alike are given a one swipe chance to prove how valuable they are. While word of mouth referencing is still a notable driving force, professional visual representation has taken an amazingly important role in the success of modern merchandising and eCommerce. Professional camera men and women, professional image editors, stylist and models are in extreme high demand and make up the new team of brand ambassadors. As introduction of film once did, photography and videography create a dreamlike emotion for consumers and fans. Modern advertising and marketing invites us to be apart of a branded reality. Understanding this will set your fashion line, your passion, your product, your podcast, yourself… apart from the rest. Rent a photo studio today from APEX Photo Studios.


Come see what we can do for you!

What to expect when you rent a photo studio or video studio in Los Angeles

Photo of a girl by Apex photography


You, of course, can contract your own models/actors however, any great photography studio rental will connect you with what you need. Even if you are unsure, a great studio will be able to guide you through that process in order to help your project run just as you envisioned it and most times, better.

Book your fully featured photo studio in Los Angeles. Apex Photo Studios provides ideal scenes from lofts to rooftops. Check us out today!

Sqare Feet
Photoshoot sets and tools for rent


Staging equipment: Professional photostudios usually have plenty of beautiful, natural space however every shoot is unique. Photography studio rental will include options to transform any area you choose in order to get the look you are trying to achieve. With teamwork all things are possible. Creative hubs like nothing more than to help create! Equipment: A photo studio rental will provide access to high end production and photography equipment. Depending on your production goals, staging equipment, and lighting can be quite a hassle to organize, transport, or deal with therefore having your studio handle this aspect can be a huge relief.


If you are going to rent a photo studio, space options are awesome! Imagine seeing the look on you clients face when you say, “oh and now we’re going to head up to the rooftop and get some photos of Los Angeles California as our back ground”! Rooftop photos of Los Angeles CA as a backdrop or natural, outdoor lighting alone brings an entirely different element on what you can offer in your work and having an indoor/outdoor option just bumps you to that next level in production and professionalism.


If you are offering professional photography in Los Angeles you know, editing is 90% of your final product. When you rent a professional pic studio, they will be able to connect you with editing options; either professional editors &/or professional editing equipment.


When you rent a photo studio in Los Angeles, such as L.A.’s premier, indoor/outdoor photo and video studio, APEX photo studios, your experience automatically comes with a creative team. You may need space guidance, pricing options, equipment options, production assistance, staging &/or models/actors and you should expect that your studio rental will come with experienced professionals who are there to help you get the most out of our time and money. Having access to a creative team as part of the service, can be a great added benefit.

Studio F Make Up Station - photo studios for rent in Downtown

Professional Photography in Los Angeles – Camera equipment: Rent or invest?

Picture perfect smile

Camera equipment: Rent or invest?

Where are you in your photography career and most importantly, where are you headed? Do you do professional photography in Los Angeles? Is photography a hobby? Are you perhaps a recent Art or Production grad? Is your heart set on opening your own studio one day? Or are you simply in town for a contracted job? While each one of these scenarios may be quite unique… one size seems to fit all when it comes to whether or not you should buy & lug around your own equipment or simply rent some high end, highly reviewed equipment the next time you rent a photo studio in Los Angeles.

Studio A Wide Shot - cheap photo studio for rent in downtown

Let me be crystal clear. Rent. Rent. Rent; it’s such a no brainer!

Most photographers attest, choosing and being able to afford quality camera equipment is almost harder than learning the skill of photography or videography itself. Even if you’re lucky enough to score a decent camera.. then there’s all the different lens’s, flash, lighting, modifiers, staging… I mean, at this point you’d be a one person walking circus! Your best bet would be to check out online what the studio has for rent and then schedule a small amount time to either call or go in to the studio to get specifics. Read the reviews, hear feedback from the staff. Let them do the investing so you can concentrate on producing beautiful photos and a one of kind production!

Now that your heart is set…

on renting awesome camera and/or production equipment and I hate to burst your bubble but you now have to consider.. A. Do all photo studios in L.A. rent photography &/or videography equipment? And B. is it going to cost me an arm and a leg?? I know right? But hang on; there’s hope. First let me answer those important questions bluntly… A. No, most studios cannot offer it all. Wait, what? Yeah, google it and you’ll see. Grrr… And B. Yes, it could definitely cost an arm and a leg. Wait. Where’s the hope in this. Well simply said, there are a small amount of photostudios such as APEX that can definitely offer the best of both worlds. Wait. What?! Yay! APEX prides itself for being the Los Angeles California creative hub for all of your photography and production needs. What does this mean? Well, it means ample luxurious space and equipment for rent all at very cost effective price points. I know, seems to good to be true. Just read the reviews! Or better yet, give APEX Photo Studios a call or stop in!

Lastly, something to ask yourself

when choosing a rental photo studio in Los Angeles… Does my rental come with natural visual options? What does this mean? Well, are you renting a white box or… can there be more in this package deal? Once you’ve found a professional studio, like APEX, that has awesome equipment rental. What are you really getting in a space and therefore what type of equipment do you really need? At APEX Photo Studios for example, there are many different studios and entertaining settings, indoor and outdoor, most photography and videography professional realize they can be very selective on the type of equipment they really need. APEX also offers guidance to all when it comes to helping you get the most out of your time and production. Rent a studio that also has visual options. A sultry loft, lots of natural light in large studios, industrial chic, rooftop Boho, backdrop photos of Los Angeles and more. APEX Photo Studios.

How to get the most out of your Los Angeles photo studio rental.

Man working
Los Angeles wide shot

Apex Photo Studios

Get the most out of your Los Angeles photo studio rental

With so many “options”, finding a L.A. photo or video studio and then also getting the biggest bang for your buck can be

Client, model, photographer or producer… your time is valuable so choosing the right venue is key. First and foremost, find a location that offers the best of both worlds. Location, location, location. Indoor studio photo options as well as the option of naturally lit roof top photos of downtown Los Angeles as a back drop. Whether you are shooting a documentary, showcasing a new line of clothing, or throwing a private event, always opt for a pic studio that has options for the eye. Having a variety of shots will only make your work or event that much more captivating.

Secondly, find a studio with a team of people who are truly

Professional photos studios should be fully equipped with people who live for creativity and related technology. Whether you are a newly graduated and up and coming photographer or a mega video producing super star, be sure to choose a studio who has a team that is knowledgeable about the equipment and its spaces. Having staff available who know the ins and outs of the building, lofts, angles, lighting and more will help make your that much more efficient with your time and allow you, the creative mind, to concentrate on what you do best!

If you are going to rent a studio, make sure you’re choosing a

I cannot encourage this enough; especially for the newer creators who think you must go to a hole in the wall due to budget restraints. I mean, look. We have all started out somewhere. But you get what you pay for (well actually at APEX Photo Studios you get more… but you get my point). Why re-invent the wheel or deal with the unnecessary?

Apex Photo Studios - Contact Us Now!

Stick with a studio with buzz.

What are people saying? Who has been there? What has been done there? And most importantly… what can you accomplish there? Skies the limit in an established studio, with high end equipment option, luxury space and a L.A. photography studio team that is fully equipped and knowledgeable to help get the most out of your rental!

Bringing sexy back. APEX Photo Studios photography lighting rentals Los Angeles

Woman on yellow

APEX Photo Studios photography lighting rentals Los Angeles

APEX Photo Studios photography lighting rentals Los Angeles

The ability to manipulate light in a photo studio is essential as it can transform a space, a person, or a product to a place in which photography can create the unimaginable in our eyes. Similarly, to a painter’s brush stroke, the art of illumination in a photograph can alter a photo in a way in which it then becomes an experience rather than simply a moment. With proper lighting a simple photo becomes a feeling and therefore an emotion, a connection. For a creator, a photographer or videographer, lighting is the key to a spectacular shoot. With that being said, choosing the right photography studio in California, or more specifically the right photography studio in Los Angeles, that can provide affordable high-end photography lighting rentals is key to your next Los Angeles photo or video shoot. At APEX Photo Studios, creating captivating depths through lighting and subtly expressing the vibrancy and beauty of color through lighting is our specialty.

Whether you are inciting inspiration, capturing the exquisite curvature of the human body or looking to express the intensity in a moment of history, lighting techniques along with the correct equipment can help you the story you have been longing to tell.

Unsure on what lighting you will need while mastering your photos in Los Angeles? Ask an APEX Photo Studios team member. Photography rental specialists can help guide you through the equipment necessary to achieve the look you desire. Whether you are providing head shots, filming a music video or have been hired to shoot at one of APEX’s next fashion release parties, L.A.’s hottest downtown photo studios APEX Photo Studios is fully equipped with all of your professional photography studio needs. APEX Photo Studio takes pride in making high end lighting and other photography equipment affordable and accessible at it’s creative hub located in DTLA.

Tips on how to find a photo studio model for your next shoot in LA


Apex Photo Studios - photo studio hollywood

First and foremost: 

When searching for a photo studio model for your photo shoot, write down what you are looking for in a model and really, what you are trying to accomplish in your photo shoot or video shoot. It may seem basic but you would be surprised at how important this is. Writing it down will help you fine tune your thoughts and help you articulate exactly what you need when starting your search.


Find a photo studio. Wait. What? Yaaasss… Most people think that they have to go to an expensive Hollywood modeling agency to find what they are looking for. Oh contraire, all you have to do is get connected with an established photo studio who keeps track of the great models. They are a wonderful resource… for many different things actually. Get online, check a photo studio website or two, check out their Facebook page and see what people are saying. You never know, they may even have some other things you are looking for (a unique space or legit location, specialized lighting, idk that really expensive lens you are not quite ready to commit to ).

Look for a studio that is established yet on point with the latest and greatest trends. Look for a studio that still has that personal passion for creativity; they are always more helpful! Check out past pictures or videos to ensure they have already hosted shoots similar to what you would like to do. Some photo shoot studios offer a concierge, of sorts, service that can pretty much find you whatever you might need to maximize your efforts. No need to reinvent the wheel or chase your tail. A professional photo or video studio rental space will have plenty of past models on their rolodex and should be able to connect you with what you need at no added finder fee.

Apex Photo Studios - photo studio fashion

Okay once you’ve found your dream studio and have connected with someone on their team, ask them how you can get connected. Chances are, if it’s a good studio and you also rent space for your shoot, the studio will have you come in for casting your photo studio model. If you wrote down what you needed and articulated that to your studio team, you will more than likely find your model in one meeting. On the contrary if you prefer to skip the casting and prefer portfolios or personal recommendations they instead may simply send you  several to consider. Collaborating with people who have already worked with those in that industry will always be more efficient that figuring it out on your own. If you find a place that loves creativity as much as you… you can spend more time focusing on what you love, love, love instead of the possibility of hassling around finding quality models. Time is money baby!

Lastly, keep in mind, photo studio models will always be more likely to take you seriously if you meet/shoot at a professional photographer studio. Whether you are looking to host a fashion shoot, create a rooftop video, need a studio with a sultry loft or an industrial chic vibe… the higher quality space the higher quality model.

At APEX Photo Studios, we believe in providing a high end, professional atmosphere with endless creative possibilities.


photo studio fashion

Apex Photo Studios Top 4 photography and videography trends of 2018/2019

two ladies

Apex Photo Studios believes that while the classic art of fashion and editorial photography will reign forever, the more recent need for visual content has top influencers setting a new standard. Influencing epicenters such as Los Angeles have proven to establish the importance of relativity, and of course, staying relevant even in a world of eye catching ephemeral content. Having access to high end photography, the latest trends in video, stage lighting, hair and makeup, staging and camera rental equipment along with other custom teams of artistic professionals simply at the fingertips of those who dare… have become more popular with the worlds current demand of relativity.

Apex Photo Studios - los angeles photos

With social media at its all-time high and no sign of slowing, YouTubers, podcasters, and Snapchaters will drive personal storytelling and personal expression to an unimaginable peak that we have yet to even dream of. Now with full access, private studios such as Apex Photo Studios, artists, photographers, videographers, top influencers, marketing savvy entrepreneurs and more are seeking the vital link to personal connection in 2018/2019 through visual content.

The top 4 visual content trends that will hold solid through 2018 and peak through 2019:

Professional behind the scenes footage

Top influencers realize the value in setting themselves apart from the rest. Amateur footage might catch a like but professional imagery will always take precedence. In a world where “reality” and entertainment is most times indecipherable. We all want more. And now with affordable yet HIGH END SERVICES such as the Apex team provides, searching for photo locations in Los Angeles, you need not look farther. Whether you are a Podcaster, a beauty blogger, a yogi, and up and coming photographer, or dancer.. your fans want to know you in a way that only professional photography and videography can capture. Los Angeles based Apex Photo Studios is at the forefront of accessible possibilities.

Self promotion and marketing.

How are young LA professionals and entrepreneurs staying relevant? Through customized visual content for social media sites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Individualized photos, videos for articles, blogs and more.

More personalized business and brand marketing.

Top LA companies understand the importance of personal connection and of course staying on trend. They also understand that time is money and that there is no need to reinvent a wheel if you can make your money concentrating on what you actually do best. Therefore leave the media content to the MEDIA PROFESSIONALS.

Fashion and entertainment.

Anyone who is top influencer forward knows, professional studios such as Apex Photo Studios can help you maximize you time by providing seamless production, customized photography and videography as well as the artistic freedom of producing your passion.

Apex Photo Studios - los angeles stage lighting rental

Private without being private, full access photo studios and/or equipment rentals are proving to be the more practical way of staying relevant in Los Angeles during 2018/2019. Setting yourself, your brand or your company apart by utilizing a full service, professional artistic team and photo studio sets a standard and sets you apart. Established and professional high end private studio based videography and photography: Go where the stars go, go where you want your passion captured right, go where creativity is what the Apex team lives for. Photoshoots, music videos, brand/company marketing, professional and/or passion-based projects, personal journeys and documentary. Apex Photo Studios, in downtown Los Angeles, has cutting edge equipment and studio rental, stage lighting, hair and makeup, editing capabilities all under one roof? Yes please. No need to buy equipment, deal with individual contracted services, or project manage your own project when there is a one stop high end yet realistic epi center for creativity like Apex Photo Studios.

Rent a premium photo studio now!