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Apex Staff

Apex Staff

K. Michelle shoots her 2015 calendar at Apex in DTLA.

K Michelle 2015 Calendar

K Michelle 2015 Calendar – The talented R&B singer K.Michelle shot her very anticipated 2015 calendar at Apex Photo Studios in DTLA. Take a sneak peak of her beautiful calendar…

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K.Michelle has been through a lot and doesn’t mind opening up to her fans about it. With songs like ‘’Where They Do That At,’’ where she writes about pain and how men will take your love and give nothing in return.  Or ‘’Met Yo Match,’’ where she writes about a man trying to play her, but she has her own set of games. And “For My Cinderallas,” where she speaks to broken hearted woman that have experienced a man doing them wrong and then go off and marry someone else.  Watch for her…

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