Job Notice/Internship: Warning! Please note that Apex does not contact clients with job offers.

Please take notice we at Apex Photo Studios have received reports of fraudsters impersonating Apex with a scam targeting young photographers and students. 

We at Apex Photo Studios take pride in our long standing relationship with the artistic community and our clients.

We would like to alert everyone about this scam.

There are emails being sent around to professors, and teachers in schools (please see attached image) advertising job openings and internships at Apex. They are using our actual address with a similar email and phone number.

The victims (mostly younger photographers) are being sent fake Apex checks and then required to make payments for travel expenses on a job.

  • Please note this offer is not from Apex and we have contacted authorities for help with this matter. 
  • If you have been the target of this scam, we encourage you to reach out to us in our investigation. 
  •  Apex Photo Studios has a long standing reputation with the community and our clients. We take this offense very seriously. Please read on for more information and details.
  • Do Not give cash payments  or make  transfers into accounts pretending to be us.
  • Please contact us immediately.
  • The sender is using a logo that resembles that of Apex.
  • The emails used by the sender are similar to or variations of ours, (ie. using a zero instead of the “O” “[email protected]”)
  • The phone number used by the scammer is similar, and they are also using our actual address in the email signature.
  • They require personal information via a Google Doc Application (see image). 
  • The scammers do answer phone calls made to the fraudulent number, however they encourage most communication via email.

Please contact us with any information regarding this. Below is another example email from the scammers.

Below is an example of the contact form that was attached to the emails. Please do not fill it out!

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