Jessica Marttila founded A IS FOR ANIMALS – a clothing brand that raises awareness and donations for animal rescues and wildlife conservation organizations! Jessica is a lifetime animal lover who was inspired by a recent visit to the Toucan Rescue Ranch. She created A IS FOR ANIMALS to raise awareness and funds for animals and animal rescues around the world. We spent the day giving Jessica a taste of life in a Los Angeles studio.

Needless to say, their styles and their mission got a major publicity boost through carefully crafted photo and video shoots.

So, ‘E’ is for Elephant?

Their concept is simple: they go through the alphabet and highlight specific animals in need! Then they channel 20-25% of net proceeds to organizations focused on their care and protection.

For their current letter they teamed up with some incredible non-profits! The Wildlife Conservation Society and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust make it a priority to rehabilitate orphaned elephants.

With their hearts in the right place, the only thing missing from the advocacy project was the public image to spark interest and make their product shine! Enter Apex photo rental studio…

We’re thrilled to report that Jessica had a smooth, efficient, and fun shooting process!

The helpful manager, Denis, prepped us by expertly answering my technical questions and providing insider tips for efficient, excellent shoots. The entire staff helped me stylize the studio. All my requests were given immediate attention – they tweaked the air conditioning in the room and even provided us with extra fabric steamers for last minute touch-ups!

The A is for Animals team used Studio D for their shoot. Our facilities were a perfect match for their high expectations. The space is huge, slick, and boasts natural light streaming in from the floor to ceiling windows. Its welcoming feel and great energy brought some vibrancy to their efforts to address the dire situation of those poor orphan elephants.

A newbie to the world of photography, Jessica loved how many options Studio D presented. Plain white walls, painted brick walls, and tons of backdrops make creative decisions seamless!

Studio D comprises a lounge/seating space, tables for refreshments, and a mirror with vanity lighting for any hair and make-up needs.  No detail was overlooked! Once I arrived at the space I knew I had made a solid photo studio rental choice and felt very comfortable bringing the talent there.

We cater to clients near and far! Jessica had never been to LA when luck led her to Apex Photo studios through Google…

The space and services far exceeded anything I expected to find within my budget.  It was such a relief to find everything I needed – including rentals of audio and visual equipment, and a beautiful large space – all offered under one roof at such a reasonable rate.

We asked Jessica whether or not she would suggest Apex Photo Studios to other professionals in need of a creative space. We’re still blushing…

I absolutely would and have recommended Apex studio to people seeking a beautiful and professional photography rental studio in Los Angeles.  The photographer and director who worked on the E IS FOR ELEPHANTS campaign both said they would definitely be using the space again and couldn’t believe they hadn’t found this “hidden gem” of a photo studio rental before among the other Los Angeles film studio rental options.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or are looking to jump start your business with photo and video shoots, Apex offers a highly accommodating photography space. Better finished products always result from photo rental studios that inspire confidence and clarity of vision. Our Los Angeles studio wants to support your mission just like A is for Animals’!

To make a difference in animals lives, please visit

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